The end of the Last War was the beginning of the end for Silus Arrynt. Old man Arrynt ran Arrynt Inquisitive Services out of Sharn throughout the latter years of the war, doing odd jobs for lost souls but the work for the Brelish crown was what paid the rent. Ironic part is, the work that kept the business going delivered the job that almost shut the doors. The Cyre Job was what he called it. He got in too deep and you came to bail him out, still wet under the ears. You found him, but he’s never been the same. He got what the veterans call the Thousand Yard Stare. He drifted off into walking nightmares and lost focus on work, or life for that matter. The stares and daydreams soon turned into mad ranting, first in mutters and eventually in outbursts. Then one day, Silus Arrynt left the deed to the place on his desk and fell of the face of the world.

Ever since that day, work’s been tough to come by. The old man wasn’t good for much towards the end, but he had contacts. Unfortunately, those contacts weren’t interested in handing cases over to green inq’s and the big paying gigs stopped coming in. The odd work comes in trickles, but there just aren’t as many people with problems in “peace” time. Anything bigger than odd jobs are handled by the city inquisitives or the Dark Lantern spooks. The bank roll is getting empty and your stomach’s are getting even worse. Work’s gotta come in or you gotta go find it.
. . . . .

AIS - The Cyre Job

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