AIS - The Cyre Job

Pierce's Plight V

The human story from a decidedly non-human source.

Session 5 (THE HORROR…the horror…)

The sewage room proved to be too much for Jake…He went near catatonic…The only thing he could seem to do was give Guii his healing potion and translate goblin for us…We decided to press on…The next room we discovered had a large hand with a bubbling blood fountain in it…One wall had two large alcoves with stone sarcophagus in them…The floor around them was littered with blackened bones…Four other doors were in the room…Three were steel and had the words “Sworn Brothers” written on them in Goblin…The last was stone…The blood fountain had an inscription on it in goblin that stated that sworn brothers and great warriors drank blood to bind themselves to each other…Guii confirmed that this was common practice among some cultures including goblin tribes…Pierce felt around the bottom of the fountain and found an inlet of some sort and decided to drink some blood…Nothing seemed to happen…Everyone else decided to try it too…We even forced some down Jake’s gullet…The fountain had motes of energy floation around it, but these seemed benign…Pierce checked the stone sarcophagus and found the bones were blackened not by heat but by necrotic energy…The coffins seemed solid and had latches/hinges to open them, but there seemed to be some sort of pressure on them from inside…These seemed like the wrong course so we spread out around the room…Pierce and Crawgle decided that maybe since we drank the blood we were now sworn brothers and went to one of the steel doors…It was locked, so Crawgle picked it open with Pierces tools….Boom, wrong move…Several things happened at once…All three steel doors flew open…The door nearest Sam appeared empty…The door no one was by had a quick moving Hobgoblin corpse in it…Crawgle and Pierce’s door had a skeleton in hobgoblin armor in it armed with a big ass falchon….The sarcophagus blew open with a burst of necrotic energy (lucky no one was near it) and five skeletons formed from the piles…Lastly the fountain in the middle of the room began to produce a red misty fog…

The hobgoblin corpse was a wight and sprang to flank with the falchon wielding skeleton to beat on Crawgle, sucking out healing surges with each hit…Pierce suffered an OA in order to shout kill three of the blackened minions then recharge the falchon wielding skeleton…Sam’s empty room proved to hold a ghost like figure that chased him around the room…The fountains mist continued to grow but we quickly determind that it did not seem to hurt us…Much healing, a 1 on the avalanche strike, and a game of “chase the invisible ghost”...We were victorious with Pierce unconscious and everyone else well worn…We found no loot, healed up, and considered taking a rest in the room…We quickly changed our minds when the noise of the Kruthiks because louder…We pressed on…20 feet past the stone door we found another room…This one was freaking huge…About 125 feet long by 60 feet wide…The room was lit by those motes of energy…In the center of the room was a huge statue with four saluting hobgoblins back to back facing all directions…In the near corners of the room were statues of spike chain armed guards…Big columns lined the room to the far side…The far side has two statues of hobgoblins with scimitars, two stone chests and a stone sarcophagus with a lifesized carving of a reclining hobgoblin warrior with large tusks…This looks like the main tomb we have been looking for…No Kruthik tunnels in this room…One other door on the far side of the room…Krawgle and I saluted the giant statues in the middle of the room, it seemed only polite…I moved to check out one of the nearer statues and Krawgle the other…Everyone else hung by the entrance…The did not appear actuated and the spiked chains looked to be stone…We left the eyes alone for now and moved to the large central statues…We discovered that the base of the statue looked like it could rotate…Crawgle and Pierced jambed it so it could not move…The rest of the party filtered into the center of the room…We moved up to the back wall…I was near one scimitar statue, again looking just like a statue…Crawgle was near the other on the opposite side of the dias…Sam was near the center with Guii…Near the boxes and the main coffin…The reclining statue appeared to be female…

Pierce checked to see if the scimitar wielding hobgoblin statue would move at all by gently rocking and twisting it…That set off the fireworks…The four central statues boomed out a warning that the honorable amongst us should have guided the dishonourable out of the tomb…It then tried to do something that Crawgle and Pierce had prevented it from doing…The five statues in the corners and on the coffin came to life…The had suprise and beat the shit out of us…Won initiative and beat more shit out of us…The hit hard and drained surges…When our initiatives came around it was on…We decided we had to retreat to the far side where we had a doorway to defend about 25 squares away…Anyone with a Daily smoked one…Potions were drunk…Another 1 was rolled on an Avalance strike…We were able to pull back into that hallway very beat up and without any more healing from Sam or Guii left and half the party bloodied…More potions were drunk…Crawgle had the worst run of die luck I have ever seen…He had around 7 rolls in a row under 5 to 7…Unless it was a Stealth check which he was hitting in spades…Crits were rolled…Pierce went down like a pile of spare parts, but we made it with around three surges left in the party…We looted and found a blue glowing +2 named magic sword that switched forms between longsword, dagger, and a few other shapes…It was also much stronger vs Aberations…Unfortunately, Kruthiks are not aberrations…Crawgle was awarded this weapon, at which point we realised the magic weapon he is using now gives him a cumulative +1 to hit each time he misses, oops…This weapon is also famed among the goblin tribes, which might help us later…We also found some good cash loot…We decided to rest and hope to the gods that Jake snaps out of it…



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