AIS - The Cyre Job

Pierce's Plight IV

The human story from a decidedly non-human source.

Session 4 (Just Another Bug Hunt?)

We head into the tunnel…Crawgle felt better, but kept muttering that he ate rat all the time and this never happened before…We came across the remains of an not so old fight, the room still reeked of ammonia (the Kruthik death scent)...We found black fletched arrows that goblins commonly use…We brushed this off as there was a hobgoblin was one of the ones that hired us, this could have been one of the other sets of exterminators sent in by their followers…A little deeper we found a finished room with a sepulchre in the middle with piles of humanoid skulls, a red banner, a caved in wall, a stone door, and several dug tunnels that we assumed the Kruthik dug…We did not get long to search before a clanking sound preceded a swarm of Kruthik showing up…Pierce and Jake plugged two of the holes…This held them off for a round until they started cutting their own routes into the room…Jake was able to finish his lightly infested tunnel and draw the loose Kruthik to him…For no front line in a tight area this fight was very cleanly fought…Things just went our way…We found discovered this room was the entry area to a very old goblin shrine…Jake found a sack of belongings in the skull pile…Looks like goblins tried to get into this famous goblin’s tomb and recover some famous blade...Sam tells us that the banner is magical and Guii grabs it…We take their clues and head through the stone doors because the Kruthik tunnels seem like a bad idea…Next room has a 5×5 set of named tiles in the center…We play with them a little while with no luck…We eventually step on a tile with the goblin word “flame”...Poof, three fire elementals show up…We begin to fight them…They trigger the tile with the goblin word for “hell”...Poof an imp appears…We keep fighting, they keep pressing tiles…Lucky for us, only minions show up after the first sets…After we beat the summoned monsters, the tiles crack, destroying our way into the tomb…fook…On to the next room….Twenty foot stair down to a 4×4 room with more symbols in the center 2×2 area…Jake discovers a pit in the first untiled square with a grinder at the bottom…Pierce jumped across the whole room (showing off) and climbed the far 20’ stair up to a door…He pushed on it to see if it was trapped…It was…

Very little was not trapped when it was triggered…Both doors locked, both staircases became slides, the tiled center squares with the words began to rock back and forth, and the outer ring of space around the tiles became pits to the grinder or had stabbing rods from the ceiling…Lucky for Pierce, everyone was able to stay where they were and not fall in or get stabbed by one of the traps…Shortly their after that the Kruthiks showed up from tunnels in the pits but just above the grinder…Guii blew them all away with one sniper fireball…Pierce began to disable the three hinges on his door, Crawgle reset the stairs, and the rest of the party made their ways across the playground of doom…We made it out without major injuries but with much shit given to Pierce…Down and over a few passages led us to another door…Inside we found an odd room…The sewer poured from the center of the room into a floor grate…Four statues of skeletal displacer beasts surrounded the torrent of sewage…Around the room were niches that had bones in them…Several party members noticed movement in the alcoves and three figures standing in the water stream between the statues….Two dead drakes and a rotten, bloated humanoid…We moved in and struck hard and fast…Guii flamebursts and critted a zombie lizard, Crawgle threw daggers and critted the other zombie reptile, and then Jake, Pierce, and Sam blew away the corruption corpse and the minions…A fight where luck fell all over our party…We searched the room and looked for ways out of the room…Guii gave Pierce a massive stinkeye when he suggested exploring up or down the sewage grate…



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