AIS - The Cyre Job

Pierce's Plight III

The human story from a decidedly non-human source.

Session 3 (Saber… and Other Assorted Pests)

We woke up the next day in the shrine…Crawgle had a bad night…Maybe the rat meat from earlier…He stayed in camp a molting barfing mess…We cracked a new sunrod and found another building in this large cavern about 20 feet from the shrine…The doors had the house seal of Cannith, but the book did not open it…We could find no lock or traps…We walked around it and found nothing…Stumped, Jake climbed the wall and discovered that part of the cavern ceiling had let go and smashed a hole in the flat room of the building…The group found that they all had mad climbing skills and easily scaled the wall…We dropped the sunrod in…It was a forge area…A mechanical dog got mushed by the falling rock…No movement…We four each dropped a rope and climbed in…Poof, a mechanical freakshow appeared to greet us…Four mechanical rats, two more mecha dogs, and a big shovel handed contraption…Sam rattled off what they were and we commenced to the smashing…The shovel thing started throwing small piles of scrap metal at us, great!...Fireballs and shouts dropped the rats…Dogs got hammered down..and when the shoveler got pinned the the wall his melee did not match his ranged…We searched the place and found some magic gear, some objects of value on the shelves, but not the blue print we were sent for…Guii, who takes mechanical eyes as trophies, noticed the dogs had this funny rods pop out of their heads when they died…We then noticed that their were three holes that matched the shape of these rods (triangle, pentagram, and square) above the forge…Jake checked for traps, no luck…I tried the pentagram and got the party thundered damaged…We healed up, everyone backed up…And Sam tried the triangle (click), Square (click), and retried the pentagram (click)...He informed us that it was smallest number of sides to largest…A panel in the wall popped open revealing even more loot and the blueprint/star/puzzle piece we were searching for…Pierce had a flash of Deja-Vu at seeing the piece but could not recall anything more…There was also a map with symbols on it…Most were in the goblin lands, a few in the Mournland, and a star on Sharn…It however was a very old map…

We guessed that this was a map showing the location of the rest of the pieces to this plan…We loaded up, climb up, and had a warning shot fireball blast over our heads as we stood on the roof…A warforged named Saber told us to give him the star in the name of the Prince of Swords…We declined and the next crossbow fired fireball nailed us…Saber then spawned four rat sized toothy constructs and the fight began…Guii returned the favor and torched his rats…Everyone else climbed down and bum rushed him…He popped out a pair of hammers, Guii began taunting him that he did not understand what the word Saber means…He hit pretty hard but was pinned, he sprouted more rats, but these were shouted or crossbowed down…For a change his head did not fly off when we won the fight…We found one of his hammers was magical…Guii popped out another eye…We made it back to the surface and met at the tavern with our contact from House Cannith…She took the map, star, and book back…Paid and thanked us…Then informed us that she would look at what we discovered and see what would come of it…We sold and divided the loot…Crawgle bought some pink stuff for his tummy, I bought a new spear and armor, Sam moved the magic of the fire crossbow to his beloved Vera, and then Jake und Lloyd both purchased as much of the loot as they could afford…The fleshbags then carried on with their mating, eating, waste creating, and sleeping cycles…Sam plotted for a way to get the forge back to his workshop…Guii tried to create a game out of his eyeball collection…

Knock Knock at the agency door…Package for the Inquisitive Service…Jake accepted then tipped the guy a gold piece…I think he may have released fluids from his pelvis…Inside we found the book and a note from our Cannith friend…She asked us to return the book to the College for a reward…We smelled a trap, so we loaded for bear and headed out, half expecting a zoo full of warforged to land on us…No such luck, just a Dean of Office Meetings to bore the crap out of us…He did offer us a little gold for the book, an invite to the memorial they are building for the fallen professor, and that someone in Biological Studies might have use of us…We made our way down to a professor with an interest in Kruthiks (nasty hive minded bugs)...He told us that there have been reports of a new version of flying Kruthiks spotted in the lower parts of the city…He told us that the Taint Foundry had a very resistant hive that they could not clear and he would pay us well for a sample or egg of one of the flying versions…We negotiated for 100 gps and two interns…We made our way down to the foundry…Dirty surly dwarves, hobgoblins, and humans working underpaid warforged in a hot nasty factory is what we found…We got by the guards and waited in the company bar…A clean-shaven (?!?) dwarf that introduced himself as the foreman and a hobgoblin snake charmer of the Sovereign Host met with us…The bugs were eating the hobgoblins flock and the dwarves workers…They also offed 100gp for us to clear it out…We agreed but could not get the pot sweetened…They gave us the location most likely for us to find the hive…Off we went…



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